Our Team

Tammy Kling

Founder/Director of Author and Speaker Brands

Tammy Kling is a wordsmith, corporate communications expert and global best-selling author in more than 26 countries. As a publishing coach, Tammy works with CEOs, celebrities, professional athletes, and other world changers to tell their story.

Tammy Kling was called one of the world’s top ghostwriters by Virgin.com but her true gift, is using words to change lives. Whether it is in a corporate training setting, or delivering a Keynote, or writing books for world changers, Tammy’s focus is on communication that builds, elevates, and provides clarity. Huffington Post did a recent feature on Tammy called The Power of Words. Her work has been featured in the NY Times, Wall Street Journal, Dateline NBC, Extra and Primetime.

Tammy is a graduate of the University of Florida College of journalism and communications, with specialties in abnormal psychology and brain neuroscience, at Harvard. Tammy is a global best selling author and thought leader. She has led OnFire Books for a decade, building books with some of the worlds most celebrated leaders.

OnFire Books has crafted content for corporate communications initiatives with leaders and teams inside companies such as, Dial Corp, First Command, American Airlines, Medstar healthcare and hundreds of others.

As featured on the Discovery Channel, Wall Street Journal, Oprah and Huffington Post;

Patti Lusk

Director of Operations and Client Relationships

Patti’s guiding principles are integrity and communication. When authors work with her they feel warmth, honesty, and comfort as she guides them through every step of the book process.

Sye Wells

Digital Advertising & Marketing Strategist|Online and Offline Course Program Development

Sye transforms and monetizes businesses. She is an inspiration to thousands of entrepreneurs and small business owners who seek to engage, connect and multiply. Online, her newspaper ShestheCEO.com inspires women owned businesses to excel, reach higher, and create a greater global impact.

​Sye is relentlessly committed to effective business solutions and powerfully simple communications. Her areas of expertise are client acquisition, digital advertising, online course and program development, sustainable web design solutions, and integrated brand identity systems, brand design and strategy.

​Sye Wells is a highly sought after digital advertising expert for local and small businesses , web presence business consultant, and speaker. She will help you get clients in the door!

Ariella Dinner

Director of Relationship Development

Ariella specializes in media and is multi talented and from Brazil.

Nelly Es

Graphic Art and Book Cover Design Manager

Nelly is a creative genius on our OnFire media team who strives to understand the spark of an idea and uses colors, consumer psychology and design to influence readers to buy.

Reed Foster

Videography and Imaging Manager

Reed Foster is a photographer who creates amazing original images for online use. His blog is www.reedfosterphotography.com. Reed specializes in Instagram management online to target new followers, especially in the kid media market. Reed uploads unique photos of books, abandoned buildings, athlete or author client images, and events.
Reed helps OnFire Books, The Conversation and Worldschool reach the demographic of the igniter market – kids 10-19.

Sharon Seago Lynch

Fashion Stylist, Visual Director, Special events, Client branding

Sharon is a visual stylist, with an eye for all things beautiful. As the director of book bomb, Sharon helps book clients deliver a massive response to their books, before after and during launch. BookBomb is a focused, strategic book marketing program for speakers, authors, and entrepreneurs, that helps communicate and monetize your message. The BookBomb can be launched, at any time, and in conjunction with your PR company or as a standalone strategy. Sharon works with our business and celebrity division, and with clients in Europe and America.

Emma White - Intern


Emma is an intern with a heart for sustainability and writing.


Rachel is a top editor and writer who brings her years of knowledge and experience to every project that she works on.